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Hafiz Imran Khan

Al Wasil Marriage Celebrant Australia

Marriage in Islam is a significant and beneficial religious duty for every Muslim and is declared to complete one half a Muslim’s faith. AWMC, a recently established Marriage Celebrant organisation is prepared to conduct a virtuous religious marriage ceremony for an integral phase of your life, and essentially your faith.

Hafiz Imran Khan, the founder of AWMC and a registered civil and religious marriage celebrant is a well-known and respected Muslim individual in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. He is a very socially active individual, who volunteers during religious and community programs such as delivering Friday (Jummah) Prayer sermon and Eid sermon as well as leading Salah in different Mosques from time to time.

Living in Australia for more than 15 years, he believes it is important to participate in the community and provide a reputable marriage service that is blessed to support your religious journey.
AWMC provides marriage ceremony services that can be tailor-made to fulfil your wishes and make your marriage spiritually everlasting. One of our significant objectives is to simplify the process of organising your marriage without compromising the validity of the Islamic (Religious Marriage) or Civil legal requirements. Services coverage anywhere in Australia.

Hafiz Imran Khan
Mobile: 0450 029 997



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