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Sheryar Khan and Bushra Salam

Pakistan Australia Business Council and Pak Association jointly hosted Farewell to Pak Diplomat Bushra Salam & Welcoming New Consul Muhammad Sheryar Khan

On Friday, 6th Dec 2019, A dignified event was organized by the Chairman Pakistan Australia Business Council Mr. Iftikhar Rana in association with President PAA, Mr Abbas Rana to host a farewell dinner for Bushra Salam, the outgoing Counsel and acting Consul General of Pakistan, her husband Ahmad Ali Reza and for welcoming the new Consul Mr. Muhammad Sheryar Khan to Sydney. The dinner was held at the Himalaya Function Centre Granville Sydney.The General Secretary of PAA, Mr. Ashraf Chohan was MC of the evening.

 The dinner event was well attended by cross section of community leaders and many persons spoke in the event, the common theme being expression of thanks to Bushra for providing excellent consular services to all members of the community and for always putting community and Pakistan’s interests first and serving community with real dedication. All wished Bushra, Ahmad and their newborn baby all the best. Mr. Sheryar was also sincerely welcomed to Sydney by all speakers and assured of full cooperation from the community. Present in the event were former Consul General of Pakistan in Sydney Mr. Azam Mohammed, Dr Shaukat Javed and others prominent members of the Australian Pakistani Community.

Mr. Iftikhar Rana

Mr. Iftikhar Rana in his keynote address recounted the services of Mrs. Bushra Salam and said he remembered the event when they bid farewell to Mr. Shifaat Kaleem and welcomed Bushra Salaam in Sept 2015. Everyone was sad at Shifaat Kaleem departure then as he served the community per excellence. However, Mr Shifaat assured every one that Bushra Salaam will also serve the community with the same zeal if not more. Mr. Rana said he is happy to confirm that Ms. Bushra indeed served the community very well and lived up to more than the community’s expectations and has set a high bar for new incumbents.

Mr. Abbas Rana

Mr. Abbas Rana also praised Bushra Salam ’s helping attitude as did Mr. Azam Mohammed, Ejaz Khan, Dr Khurram Kayani and Mrs Shafaq Jaffery.

Bushra Salam

Bushra and Ahmed Ali Reza also spoke at length and thanked the community for always supporting the Consulate and said they were fortunate to meet such a great community whom they will always remember. They said Sydney will hold a special place in their heart and their son was born here in Sydney. They thanked Iftikhar Rana for organising the farewell event for them.

Bushra Salam and H.E. Babar Amin

 Bushra Salam also thanks High Commissioner H.E. Mr. Babar Amin for his guidance and help for varies common community concerns & facilities.

Muhammad Sheryar Khan

Mr. Muhammad Sheryar Khan was welcomed by all speakers. He said he understands that after the excellent performance of Mr. Shifaat Kaleem and Mrs. Bushra Salam, he has a difficult shoes to fit in but assured the participants that like his predecessors, he too will endeavour his best to serve the community’s interest and will keep in close contact with the community to take feedback from them and will continue to improve consular services. He expressed the hope that the community will extend to him the same level of cooperation as was extended to Mrs.

Mr. Shifaat Ahmad Kaleem

Bushra Salam and Mr. Shifaat Ahmad Kaleem.

After the formal event, there was informal intermingling and questions and answers among the participant. “Sada e Watan Sydney” also joins the community in congratulating Bushra Salam for completing a very successful tenure in Sydney and wishes her and Ahmed the best of luck and well wishes in both their professional and personal lives. Sada e Watan also joins the community in extending a warm welcome to New Pak diplomat Muhammad Sheryar Khan and assures him of its and the community’s support to him during his tenure in Sydney.

Bushra Salam

Sheryar Khan

Ejaz Khan

Dr Khurram Kayani

Mrs Shafaq Jaffery

Mr Ahmed Ali Reza with his wife Bushra Salam

Syed Zafar Hussain of Sada-e-Watan and Bushra Salam

Chairman Pakistan Australia Business Council Mr. Iftikhar Rana

President Pak Association Mr Abbas Rana

Acting Consul General of Pakistan Bushra Salam

New Consul of Pak Consulate Sydney Muhammad Sheryar Khan

MC; the General Secretary of PAA, Mr. Ashraf Chohan

Mrs Shafaq Jaffery

Mrs Bushra Salam spouse Mr Ahmed Ali Reza

Abbas Rana, Dr Khurram Kayani, Sheryar Khan and Syed Zafar Hussain

Rukhshanda Zaman, Abbas Rana, Bushra Salam, Iftikhar Rana and Dr Shaukat Javed

Mr. Azam Mohammed, Ashraf Chohan, Haji Shabbir, Sheryar Khan and Latif Chaudhary

Ashraf Shad, Dr Shaukat Javed, Mr Sheryar Khan, Ejaz Khan, Nadeem Sheikh, Raja Taseer and  Syed Javed Shah

Ashraf Chohan, Syed Zafar Hussain, Sheryar Khan, Haji Shabbir and Azam Mohammed

On the behalf of Australian Pak Community, appreciating souvenir presented to Bushra Salam

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