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Mr. Afzal Razvi (Adelaide)

Volume 2 of Afzal Razviís research work on Allama Iqbal titled ďDar Barg-i-Lala-o-GulĒ has been published

Sydney (Sada-e- Watan report) The 2nd volume of renowned educator and researcher Afzal Razviís research work on Allama Iqbal titled ďDar Barg-i-Lala-o-Gul: a botanical survey of Allama Iqbalís poetryĒ has been published by Baqai University press Karachi, Pakistan and is available from Fazlee Book Supermarket Urdu Bazar Karachi, Kitab Suraey Lahore and from Baqai University Book Shop.

Afzal Razvi who lives in Adelaide has fastidiously researched and analysed the botanical influence prevalent in the works of Allama Iqbal. References have been provided from a wide range of researched works and from Allama Iqbalís books.

The experts of Iqbaliyat consider this work as an extraordinary and distinguished piece of its own kind. The author has expressed his point of view clearly and analytically. The use of flora and their motives in Allama Iqbalís poetry and prose has been discussed thoroughly.

Views of Prof Dr Muhammad Rafiq Khan, Prof Dr Moeen ud Din Aqeel, Prof Dr Rais Ahmad Samdani, Prof Dr Abid Khurshid and Ms.S.F.Gilani are included in the book. In the opinion of these academics, Afzal Razviís work is unique in that no one has ever examined Allama Iqbalís work in this way.

A number of articles and essays written by the author have published in several literary magazines and newspapers both in Pakistan and abroad. Afzal Razvi is also playing a vital role to promote Urdu language and literature in Australia and for this purpose; he has founded a literary organisation Pakistan-Australia Literary Forum (PALF)Inc, the first and only organisation in South Australia striving to promote Urdu language, literature and Pakistani culture across Australia.
In honour of his work, a book launch ceremony will be held in Adelaide on November 9, 2019 on the occasion of Allama Iqbalís 143rd birthday. Prof Rais Ahmad Alvi and Ashraf Shad will be among the guest speakers.

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