Sada-e-Watan Sydney

Host Shabbir Iqbal, Shaukat Hayat and Mr Uqaili

Haji Shabbir Iqbal hosted a dinner in Sydney for Haji Shaukat Hayat and Mr. Abdul Aziz Uqaili

Former Vice President Pakistan Association of Australia Haji Shabbir Iqbal is prominent Businessman and well known Australian Pakistani. He is Director of the International Student Educational-Migration Services Sydney.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Uqaili and Syed Zafar Hussain

On Tuesday, 25th June 2019, Haji Shabbir Iqbal hosted a dinner in the Honour of Mr Abdul Aziz Uqaili who was served as a Consul General of Pakistan in Sydney and presently he is posted in Islamabad as a Additional Sectary, Ministry of Interior Government of Pakistan. The dinner was held at the Himalaya Restaurant, Granville Sydney and attended by more than fifty Guests.

Shaukat Hayat, Haji Shabbir Iqbal and Abdul Aziz Uqailii

Haji Shabbir Iqbal Welcome his cousin Haji Shaukat Hayat of Ferozewala Sheikhupura Pakistan & Mr Abdul Aziz Uqaili (Islamabad) who was on short private trip of Sydney. The host Haji Shabbir Iqbal said that Mr Uqaili served community nicely with respect and always help in community matters whenever required. He said that Abdul Aziz Uqaili work hard for promoting Pak Australia trade and friendly relationship of 2 countries.

Mr Abdul Aziz Uqaili thanks for best wishes and said as a civil servant, I always try my best to do positive things for country and people of Pakistan.

Hanif Muqaddam and Syed Javed Shah

Syed Zafar Hussain, Host Shabbir Iqbal and Haji  Shaukat Hayat

 Ali Murtaza, Aurangzeb  Baig and Abdul Aziz Uqailii

 Ch Shahid Iqbal, Syed Zafar Hussain and Host Shabbir Iqbal

 Dr Khurram Kayani, Abbas Rana and  Rao Insaf Khan

Haji Shabbir, Abdul Aziz Uqaili, S.  Zafar Hussain and Raja Aslam

Host Shabbir Iqbal,  Abdul Aziz Uqailii and Iftikhar Rana

Shabbir Iqbal, Haji Shaukat, Mr. Uqailii, Asif Mushtaq and Zafar Hussain

Haji Shaukat, Shabbir Iqbal, Abdul Aziz Uqailii and Javed Shah

Tariq Mirza, Abdul Aziz Uqailii and Syed Zafar Hussain

Ashraf Chohan, Abdul Aziz Uqailii and Hanif Muqaddam

Haji Shaukat, Shabbir Iqbal, Abdul Aziz Uqaili, Syed Javed, Ali Murtaza and Ishtiaq Khan

Dr Khurram Kayani, Hafiz Shahid, Hassan Rana, Iftikhar Rana, Abdul Aziz Uqaili, Ashraf Chohan and Hanif Muqaddam

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