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Happy Australia Day

By: Zia Qureshi (Canberra)

Due to the Christmas holidays and have a lot of free time in my hands, thus I have been thinking to write about an “Australia Day” since the beginning of the year 2019. However, it has also been hard for me to decide whether I should write a detailed article (with lots of jargon) or just a simple note. Anyway, after careful considerations, I decided to write the following note for the readers of the Sada-e-Watan Sydney. (Thank you Zafar sahib)

You may or may not be aware that “from 1946, January 26 was called Australia Day in all states and territories, and since 1994, the Australia Day public holiday has been on January 26 throughout the country”. Since then each and every year on 26 January, Australians celebrate “Australia Day” with very enthusiasm and pride. And why not! It is certainly a great day!

To be precise, this year Australia has turned into 231 years old (1788 – 2019). Wow!! (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Oi, Oi, Oi)
Just for your information “there is also each year on 26 January, an “Australian of the Year” award ceremony takes place. The awards go to four individuals who have made outstanding achievements. The award categories are:”
Australian of the Year
Senior Australian of the Year
Young Australian of the Year
Australia’s Local Hero

So far no ONE Pakistani Australian has achieved this award in any above categories but don’t know why my heart is saying and believe that in future someone will achieve it and make Pakistani community proud. Due to the fact and has no doubts, Australian Pakistanis, wherever they are, doing great jobs in every field including IT specialists, Engineering, research, and to the Medical professions. Thus I urge everyone to NOMINATE those to these awards WHO are making a difference.
I strongly believe that each and every Pakistani Australian should participate and celebrate Australia Day due to the following THREE most important reasons I can think of:
We have adopted this great country by choice and not coerced;
We are raising our families here and called it home; thus
Our first priorities should be for the Australian interests.

We must educate, encourage and prepared our younger generations to participate in the “Australia Day” activities at schools, colleges and/or universities. As Pakistanis, it is critical for us to show loyalty for this great country where we are most likely to spend our rest of the life.

Furthermore, I believe that each and every Pakistani Association throughout Australia are playing their part to promote soft, positive and friendly face of Pakistan. I reiterate to all those to continue to organise or participate in the Australia Day functions, debates, parades, or BBQs.
In conclusion, I think taking part in Australian activities shows our appreciations to this great country!
All the best for the Australian Day!


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