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Pakistan in 2019 and beyond


By; Zia Qureshi (Canberra)

On this very quiet Friday night of Christmas holidays in Sydney. And I am free of any teaching and studying hassles and having some time to spare. Thus I have decided to write something in Sada e Watan Sydney about “Pakistan in 2019 and beyond”.

However, I am really not sure what and how should I start writing on this most challenging topic. As I am not a supporter of any particular Pakistani political party dispensation but of course as a humble Australian Pakistani citizen I want to see my country prosper peacefully. Hence, I put together my OWN thoughts on this very touchy subject.

In the last few years, I have seen dramatic changes in Pakistani politics, specifically “The Language” our politicians have started to use. The tone has totally changed. Everyone insults their opponents rather try to convince with better arguments or rationales. While on the other hand, we as a nation continue to divide ourselves into religious groups as well as Sindhis, Punjabis, Pathans, Balochis, Mahajirs and Urdu speaking Biharis (I have heard recently this very new term), I hope this is not true.

Where are we going? What are we doing to ourselves and to our country? Have we ever thought about it seriously? We must understand that nation can’t build on divisions of any sort. If this situation continues then no wonder we are putting ourselves and country in grave danger. Furthermore, it is a fact that small nations are leaving us behind while we are busy proving each other wrong. (Eik tofan e batameezi miccha how hai)

If we need to thrive as a successful nation in 2019 and beyond, we MUST get rid of “Corruption” from its roots regardless how powerful person or person involved. It is not a hidden dilemma that corruption has damaged us badly and doing so. We also immediately start saying ourselves as “Pakistani” instead of Sindhis, Punjabis, Pathans, Balochis, Mahajirs or Urdu speaking Biharis (I have heard recently this very new term).

Enough is enough! Over 70 years have passed and seem to me that we are still beating the same lines again and again. We must move forward and work for the betterment of common people of Pakistan and not for a specific party, state or a hidden agenda of someone’s else.

As we all know that government comes and goes it is not important. The most important is that whoever takes the reins of Pakistan is must be an honest person and have not vested interests.
Last but not least, despite all that ongoing dramas, Pakistan has moved forward and had the capabilities to keep moving forward. I am seeing a bright future in 2019 and beyond for our Pakistan if we all work for better and fairer Pakistan. (Pakistan eik zinda quom hai)

Pakistan Zindabad

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