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Dr Sayeed Khan, H.E. Babar Amin, Dr Imran Kassam and Dr Irfan Noor

Australia Pakistan Medical Association Annual Cruise 2018 in Sydney Harbour was well arranged and unforgettable
(Syed Zafar Hussain, Editor-in-Chief Sada-e-Watan Sydney)

On Sunday, 18th November 2018, the Australia Pakistan Medical Association NSW (APMA) Arranged Annual popular Cruise in Sydney Harbour. APMA invited members of APMA and the Pakistani community to celebrate another amazing year of achievements. APMA's family is growing in numbers and people not only get to meet APMA colleagues but also enjoy spectacular world class Sydney harbour scenery and amazing food on board the Bella Vista vessel which is a true fusion of modern elegance, simplicity and luxury. Marvel at 360-degree views of Sydney Harbour aboard this stunning floating glass ballroom was amazing experience for all. Sada e Watan asked views of ladies & gents on board who said this year ticket was expensive $ 00 per person but we enjoyed from the Luxury cruise 2018 which was HUGE success and we feel proud for part of it. People who attended the cruise described it as well arranged "unforgettable" and "amazing".

The High Commissioner for Pakistan to Australia His Excellency Mr. Babar Amin was Chief Guest and it was attended by Consul General of Pakistan in Sydney Abdul Majid Yousfani, Consul Bushra Salam, Indus hospital Pakistan delegation members Dr Syed Zafar Zaidi, Mr Tariq Shafi, Great Pak Artist Uzma Gillani & prominent members of Australian Pakistani Community.

Due to the popularity of the event this year, the tickets were sold out quickly and many people missed on it this year even cruise was huge but because of the limit vessel

Dr Irfan Noor

capacity. People should make booking on time to avoided disappointment.

The APMA President Dr Imran Kassam, General Secretary Dr Irfan Noor and team members Dr Erum Bilal, Dr Sayeed Khan, Dr Samreen Kassam, Dr Arooge Shafi, Dr Mohammad Arshad, Dr Sadia Irfan, Ghazala Khan, Dr Madiha Khan, Nadeem Sheikh & Dr Anwar Syed jointly ensure that all guests have a comfortable and memorable experience of this year’s exclusive cruise.

General Secretary Dr Irfan Noor

The General Secretary of Australia Pakistan Medical Association Dr Irfan Noor was MC. Who starts the proceeding and welcome everyone to annual cruise. He invites President of APMA Dr Imran Kassam who Welcome High Commissioner Babar Amin and all guests on board. Dr Imran Kassam said

President of APMA Dr Imran Kassam

APMA for many years have been active in providing a platform for doctors from Pakistani background and engaging actively in promoting education and fundraising for many charities who are doing great work both here in Australia and Pakistan. Organising events like this is always a team effort and I am really proud of my dedicated and enthusiastic team. I would like to thanks to our board of Trustees, Advisory committee members and all who participates for success of today cruise.

The President of APMA Dr Imran Kassam said what unites us all is that we love Australia and it is the country that has given us the opportunity and freedom to pursue our dreams but we also cannot deny our love and Passion for Pakistan and this constant desire of doing something positive and bring a change that’s why we are all here today. Dr Imran Kassam said

According to WHO recent data:
Pakistan has a population around 200 million people
Just to paint a picture of current health state it is important to look at few statistics:
7.8 Physicians per 10K population compared to 300 per 10K in Australia
3.8 Midwives per 10K population
20 Hospital beds to 10K population
Infant mortality is per 72 per 1000 live births
Maternal mortality is 260/100k

Dr Imran Kassam

The President of APMA Dr Imran Kassam said I was shocked to hear that Pakistan spends 0.9 percent of GDP on health while WHO benchmark is 6 percent and most developed countries spend around 17 percent. This leads to a huge gap in health care delivery to an average population. But we all know very well that bigger the challenge, greater the rewards. There are amazing people who instead of succumbing to these pressures rise above these challenges and achieve things one can only dream of.

CG Abdul Majid Yousfani, H.E. Babar Amin and Dr Imran Kassam

Dr Imran Kassam said we are very fortunate to have Professor Dr Syed Zafar Zaidi, co-founder of Indus Hospital along with Mr Tariq Shafi, representing Indus Hospital health network, which comprises of multiple health care facilities providing world standard treatment absolutely free of cost to patients. He along with Mr Tariq Shafi are here with us today and I would like to invite Dr Sayeed Khan to come and introduce them and take this program further.

 President of CAPMA Dr Sayeed Khan

Dr Sayeed gives brief introduction about the welfare services of Indus Hospital. He said Before I start, I would like to acknowledge traditional owners of this land and waters on which we are meeting and pay my respects to their elder’s past, present and emerging.
Pakistan is a country with huge potential as we are blessed with enormous human talent, great, hardworking and resilient people, world’s highest mountains, beautiful rivers, lush green plains and a rich culture. Pakistan has everything.

Unfortunately, even after 7 decades since independence, the people of Pakistan are still waiting for a better life. Successive governments have failed to make any change in the lives of common person.

Dr Sayeed Khan

Dr Sayeed Khan said there is a wide gap between the “rich and poor”, the “haves and have nots.” According to the United Nations ‘multi-dimensional poverty index' which includes measures of schooling, child mortality, nutrition, access to electricity, toilets, clean drinking water, and hygienic living conditions, we find that 50% of Pakistan’s population is living under the multi-dimensional Poverty line.

Health and education are not a priority. Health and Education for most of our population is in dire straits. 25 million children are not in schools. Rural population has no access to even basic health. And in cities, the poor can’t afford it. Government institutions are overcrowded and under funded. Consequently, all health parameters are poor. For most of us here today, Australia is our new home and we serve these communities with our mind and passion but at the same time our heart aches for Pakistan.
Health and Education is a RIGHT not a privilege. Until our government takes charge of basic issues of health and education, there is need for individuals and organisations to come forward and establish institutions in Pakistan which can provide some relief and help to people who are in desperate need.
We all know Abdul Sattar Edhi, Dr Adeeb Rizvi and SIUT, and the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and many more.

Today, we are gathered here to introduce in Australia another great institution which in a very short time has established itself as one of the finest and largest Health institutions in Pakistan in private sector---Indus hospital and Indus Health Network
Indus hospitals in Pakistan are privately run but offer completely free health services
Dr Abdul Bari Khan CEO of Indus Health Network, couldn’t join us on this occasion but we are pleased to have Dr Zafar Zaidi and Mr Tariq Shafi, Please Welcome Dr Zafar Zaidi and Mr Tariq Shafi.

Now I will Invite Dr Zafar Zaidi to give us some more information on Indus Health Network.

Dr Prof Syed Zafar Zaidi

Now I will Invite Dr Zafar Zaidi to give us some more information on Indus Health Network. In his speech Dr Zafar Zaidi highlighted services of Indus hospital and he also explained future plan of hospital. Dr Zafar Zaidi hopes that Australian Pakistani Community will contribute in the projects of Indus through fundraising events in different Australian cities.

High Commissioner His Excellency Mr Babar Amin presented appreciating shield of APMA to the Legend Uzma Gillani and later speak on this occasion.

H.E. Mr. Babar Amin

Remarks by the High Commissioner H.E. Mr. Babar Amin at the APMA Annual Event in Sydney on Sunday, 18th Nov.2018

* It gives me immense pleasure to be amongst you at the Australia Pakistan Medical Association (APMA) annual event.

* I was going through the vision statement of APMA and I must say that your pledge to give back to the society in Pakistan and Australia really impressed me. Your vision to building a modern, enlightened, caring and sustainable healthcare system in Australia and Pakistan for the future generations is praise worthy.
* There is around a 100,000 strong Pakistani diaspora in Australia positively contributing in its socio-economic environment. The share of a couple of thousand Pakistani medical fraternity among them, is quite significant.

* Pakistan offers tremendous opportunities for collaborative efforts with Australia in the medical and para-medical sectors. In this effort, doctors of Pakistani descent can play an active role.

* One issue that deserves our attention is the non-existence of an examination centre of Australian Medical Council (AMC) in Pakistan for Foreign Medical Graduates. Most of the young doctors in Pakistan cannot afford to go to Thailand or Turkey, where the centres are located, to appear in the examination.

* We need to work collectively on this issue. I can assure you that we at the Pakistan High Commission would strongly raise this issue with the concerned authorities both in Australia and Pakistan.

* It is, however, important that the Pakistani medical fraternity across Australia should also make representation to the AMC to open examination centres in at least three Pakistani cities i.e. Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

* We will give you feedback on our efforts in due course. It’s important that we take synchronized action.

* The High Commission is already extending its outreach to Australian medical fraternity. Last Friday, we organised a forum at the High Commission to deliberate upon issues related to improving family medicine practice and education in Pakistan through joint efforts.

* Veteran Australian family medicine professor, Dr. John S. Biggs was honoured with the souvenir at this occasion awarded by the Pakistan Family Medicine Steering Committee for his services in the field of medical education, family medicine training, assessment and assistance in betterment of health system in Pakistan.

* Doctors, representing Royal Australian College of General Practice, Council (RACGP), Victoria presented their observations regarding family medicine practice in Pakistan and avenues of collaboration between health organisations of Australia and Pakistan.

* I hope APMA would also come up with certain concrete proposal which could foster friendly relations among the medical fraternity of Australia and Pakistan.

His Excellency Mr. Babar Amin 

* Before concluding, I would request APMA to share with us its views in the coming days through preparation of concept papers suggesting practical ways for:

a. establishment of various joint medical research projects in Pakistan, (through the funding of the Australian Government or businesses).
b. training in paramedical, nursing and allied health sectors in Pakistan in keeping with the Australian requirements.
c. Creating awareness among young aspiring doctors in Pakistan about opportunities available in Australia and how to tap them.
d. Enhancing outreach to medical fraternity in Pakistan and Australia. Annual trips to Pakistan to meet policy makers and visit medical schools as well as organizing seminars and medical camps could make a huge difference.
e. Creating an endowment fund for highly talented needy young doctors in Pakistan to pursue higher studies. I am happy to note that APMA is already engaged in helping out and donated A$ 27000/- to CLAN last year.
f. Enhancing outreach to Australian political bodies.
g. Voluntarily work in the Australian government emergency medical assistance in the country as well as to the disaster-prone countries in the Pacific like Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Nauru. THANKS!

High Commissioner H.E. Mr. Babar Amin

Mrs Huma Majid and General Abdul Majid Yousafani

Mr Ahmed and Mrs Bushra Salam

Dr Imran Kassam and Dr Dr Samreen Kassam

Dr Sayeed Khan and Ghazala Khan

Dr Irfan Noor and Dr Sadia Irfan

H.E. Mr. Babar Amin and Syed Zafar Hussain

Uzma Gillani and Dr Prof S. Zafar Zaidi

Dr Humaira Kiyani and Dr Khurram Kayani

H.E. Babar Amin, CG Yousfani and Ashraf Shad

Uzma Gillani and Nazish Minto

Mr Talib Haider of SBS, Dr Zafar Zaidi and Tariq Shafi

Consul General Abdul Majid Yousfani and HC Babar Amin

High Commissioner Babar Amin and Aisha Amjad

Dr Khurram Kayani, Mr Talib Haider and Syed Zafar Hussain

Dr Sayeed Khan and Rabia Lodhi

Ghazala Khan

Dr Samreen Kassam

H.E. Babar Amin Presenting Shield to Uzma Gillani

Mrs Firdousi Obeidullah

Dr Madiha Khan

Former CG Azam Mohammed, Rana Abdul Rasheed, HC Babar Amin and S. Zafar Hussain

Rana Abdul Rasheed, Dr Shaukat Javed, Dr S.M. Habib and Nadeem Sheikh

Consul General Abdul Majid Yousfani, HC Babar Amin and Tariq Shafi

H.E. Babar Amin, Mr Tariq Shafi and Syed Zafar Hussain



Ghazala Khan Introducing Renowned legendary thespian & TV/Theater artist Uzma Gillani

The President of CAPMA Dr Sayeed Khan, High Commissioner Babar Amin, President APMA Dr Imran Kassam and General Secretary APMA Dr Irfan Noor

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