AUSSIE FOREX & FINANCE PTY LTD has completely waived commission and other charges on overseas remittances,



Mr. Zafar Alam of Aussie Forex & Finance informed Sada-e-Watan Sydney that they have decided not to recover any commission or charges on overseas remittances. It is believed to be a great service for the community particularly for those who regularly send money in small amounts to their loved ones in Pakistan and are being charged with exorbitant commission. AFF has not only waived the commission but also stands committed to the best exchange rates and efficient service.


The current exchange rate is available on AUSSIE FOREX & FINANCE PTY LTD website or on telephone No. (02) 9262 5062 and download the Remittance Application Form. After completing the form and depositing money in Common wealth bank BSB No. 062005 Account No. 10593658, the remitter will fax the form to AUSSIE FOREX & FINANCE PTY LTD fax No. (02) 9262 5051. The processing at AFF is very efficient and in most of the cases the beneficiary will get the payment either in cash or in bank. AUSSIE FOREX & FINANCE PTY LTD has made arrangement to send money anywhere in Pakistan in cash or in beneficiary’s account in any bank. The payment is made same day or at the most next day in major cities and within 48 hours in remote areas. It is an introductory offer and is available for remittances to other countries including India. The management of AUSSIE FOREX & FINANCE PTY LTD has promised to keep offering attractive offers and financial products for the community in the days to come. They welcome any person who intend to avail property finance for residential or investment purposes on easy terms and also they have products for those who want to get rid of their costly debts and credit card outstanding balances by consolidating into one loan based on value of their property.


The management of Sada-e-Watan Sydney recommends the readers to strengthen AUSSIE FOREX & FINANCE PTY LTD which is run by professional bankers from Pakistan and stand committed to serve the community.



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