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In Australia, Dr Amjad of Faisalabad True Lover of Pakistani Desi Fruits & Vegetables

Queensland Bowen mango variety being grown in Sydney at residence of Dr Mohammed Amjad Chaudhry in Kenthurst. He showed if one is determined a result can be achieved as it took him 20+ years of consistent farming and care of his plan.

Many of his friends and family have tasted the fruits and vegetables of his garden including white Guava, Sugar cane (Ganaa), Red blood Oranges, Mandarins, Melons, Chillies, Okra, Indian baby Pumpkin (Tinda), Eggplant and Squash (Kaddu) to name a few. We are really thankful Dr Amjad’s Son Kashif who provided a few exclusive photos to Sada -e-Watan.



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