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Overseas Pakistani bringing Pride for Pakistan – Dr. Khurram Kayani completed his Doctorate from Leading Macquarie University.

At the peak of his career as CEO, Nicon Group of Companies, President All Pakistan IT Institutions Association and Joint Secretary Marketing Association of Pakistan Dr. Kayani decided to move his family to Australia. Nicon then was the largest IT Company in Pakistan with over 400 full-time staff members and fourteen campuses, etc. It was a strange and tough decision for an extremely successful and well-settled person, but there was a clear motive to make everyone feel proud of his decision and family achievements later in life.

After passing settling phase, then came the time to fulfill his lifetime desire to achieve a Doctorate from the top business University in Australia. Macquarie University holds the distinction of the leading business University in Australia so he planned to join it. On enquiring he was told that to do a research Doctorate he needed to take Course 952 and wrote a thesis of 18,000 words, only a distinction would land him in an MPhil and later Doctorate in the desired field. Another option was to compromise on the ranking of University but he refused to accept that solution. That sounded like a six years tough journey with lots of commitment and passion. But he accepted the challenge and finished Course 952 (as a pre-requisite) successfully and got admitted to Master’s by Research with 22 other top academics and professionals at Macquarie University.

It was an extremely tough journey, where each and every candidate has to take four courses and achieve distinction in each one of them. Fortunately, Dr. Kayani got two best supervisors; Prof Michael McGrath and Prof. Carmel Herrington, who have a great name in the field of Good Governance, Tourism and Information Technology. A great support came from Dr. Asad Kayani as his Mentor who kept him motivated all the way through. Fighting all challenges and meeting tough university requirements he with two other students made to the stage of ‘thesis writing’ to achieve Doctorate. There came the ultimate challenge of balancing work and study. He never witnessed that during his two Masters before. During thesis writing he kept working for Seek Ltd and later BHP Billiton in the day and then study and write during nights. So many times he slept after Fajar prayer. His biggest motivation came through his wife Dr. Humaira, who always told him that he could achieve that pinnacle moment in life.. and asked him to look at the bigger picture, i.e., the day he would be holding his degree from the top university.

Since 2012, as an Australian Government requirement, each and every doctorate thesis has to be digitally published on the University website so people could download and take benefit from it. It is a matter of pride and much larger responsibility for a University to ensure quality and standard of every thesis that goes on their website and should also meet international Doctorate guidelines in all respects. Before that, once completed, a student needs to present the thesis to the internal committee and successfully defend it. As a standard practice upon successful defense, Macquarie University sends the thesis to two external senior professors from the same field of expertise to evaluate and give their final comments and approval. Fortunately, they both not only passed Dr. Kayani’s thesis but wrote special comments like, “one seldom honors to review a thesis of this quality and depth…”, “amazing level of research being done by the candidate”.

Finally, on 18th Sept, 2015.. Out of 22, Dr. Khurram Kayani from Pakistan was the only one out of 22 students who was awarded with Doctorate in Business Administration degree with focus on ‘Good Governance, Tourism and IT implications on companies’ and also joined the club of University’s most Outstanding Alumni. His biggest dream of receiving it with his mother also fulfilled too as his mother specially flew from Pakistan to attend the ceremony. He is extremely thankful to his friends
Bashir Malik,Mobeen Butt, Adnan E Tabani, Waqar Abbasi, Syed Gazanfer Ali, Kh. Bilal Ahmad, Ahmed Ashraf, Greenwich students group and brothers Najm, Akhlaq, Asad, Taimoor, Murad and Salman. Now, working for Commonwealth Bank Australia, in future he intends to take a senior portfolio to further bring better name to his beloved motherland Pakistan.

 Khurram Kayani with his Mother and wife Dr. Humaira


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