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 in                   A Exclusive Function in Auburn Sydney about the Muslim Leadership

I have been invited to be a part of a community panel on Muslim leadership this Sunday in Auburn with Tahmina Ansari from the ABC on 'Muslim Leadership' (in conjunction with La Trobe University in Melbourne).

We will be participating in a panel discussion on Muslim Leadership and some of the topics we will be covering are: What leadership... means to us; where the current state of our leadership is and where it is going. There are international speakers as well as
Dr Jan Ali, Silma Ihram, Ahmed Kilani, and Mazen Fahme, and the panel will be moderated by Kuranda Seyit.

Here are the details.. but would love to get as many people, especially the young Muslims from our community to come as there will be an open Q&A session and an opportunity for them to actively participate as well as learn about upcoming Muslim Leadership programs. Here are some details:

                                                                      Sunday 27 October 2013
                                                                      between 10am-11.30am.
                                                          Venue: Auburn Diversity Skills Centre
                                                                            next to ISRA
                                             Level 3 Auburn Central132 South Pde Auburn Sydney.

Brief program:

Start 10am- welcome by
Dr Sven Schottman from La Trobe Uni

Overview of program

10.15am - each panelist introduce themselves- 2 minutes (I am one of the panelists and will talk about Leadership)

Then 2-3 minutes - on
"What is leadership to you?"

10.35am Open up to Q&A.

Finish at 11.30am
(Afterwards Zuhr Prayers at Auburn Gallipoli Mosque and Lunch)

Topics/ Questions which will be covered include:

What are some of the current issues facing Muslims in Sydney?

Are there issues around identity, integration and discrimination?
Is Islamophobia on the rise or have things normalised?

Is there a leadership crisis?

Are there significant differences in experiences for Muslims in Sydney compared to other states?

Why are there perceived differences?

Is there a new generation of leaders coming through?

Are some of the traditional leadership bodies becoming redundant?

Is the media still a problem?

The audience will be 12 participants of a Muslim Leadership Course run by La Trobe University, and members of the general public.

Info/RSVP: Kuranda Seyit (Director) 0412 318 045

With kindest regards and warmest wishes,
Aisha Amjad

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