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MWA Centre Granville Sydney sold for $ 1.455 Million

Muhammadi Welfare Association's Centre at Granville Sydney was sold in open auction. The Sold price was $1.455 Million and Sada-e-Watan Sydney can confirmed that few Shia friends purchased the place and they decided that this centre will be remains as Imam Bargah and hopefully they will announce administrative plan in coming months. MWA New Centre is under construction in Badgerys Creek, near New Sydney International Airport. According to the official sources, new centre will be completed at the end of September. We are including a letter of the President MWA regarding Auction result and construction update.


 MWA Auction results and project updates

Respected Community Members,

In my last project updates communications I mentioned that we are putting MWA current premises on sale and in last four weeks our agent and EC did a great job in managing open house events every Saturday’s. Auction day was Sat, 27 May 2017 which started at 12:45 PM with many interested parties present physically and some bidding over the phone. Bidding started with very low value around 700K but got intense very quickly with other parties showing interest. I have never seen auction started that low but then doubled its value within minutes.

I am very pleased to announce that we have sold MWA Granville premise in a really good price of $1.455 Million. As per our sales contract we will vacate this premise in six months which nicely fit with our project time line.

Congratulation to you all and this money will be well spent in your new Imam Bargah project which will serve our current and generations to come.
I also want to take this opportunity to thanks all community members, my team and Abbas Aly efforts for a great fund raising lunch on 7th of May which generated $200K in two hours. I must say brother and sisters that these events are really God's blessings and help from our Imams AS. Without this unseen help we wouldn’t be able to accomplished what we have achieved so far.
Now that day is not far when we all will step in to our new Imam Bargah InshAllah.

Trustees elections:
Recently we held trustees election for three trustee positions. 21st of May was the last date to submit nominations. Following three community members submitted their nomination with 20% member’s signatures.
1. Zain Sherrif
2. Syed Tanweer Hasan
3. Asghar Rajani

I take this opportunity to congratulate above three trustees. It will be our pleasure to work closely with these intellectuals for the benefits of MWA organization.

Project updates:

ALHAMDULILLAH your project is on track. There are many technical challenges which hinder project progress from time to time but due to my team's dedications and intelligent approach by our project manager we are always able to beat the challenges that comes in our way.

Currently we are working on underground services work which is quite extensive work. Roof designing is almost done and soon roof work will start. Electrical work is in full swing. Interior and exterior design discussion is already started. Moulana Shoaib Naqvi Sb is working on finalizing carpet design. Zain Bhai is working on much needed shed design change. Athar Bhai is working full time with PM on day to day work. Romi is working hard on financials and keeping the project book updated. List goes on and on.

Stay tuned momineens for more updates in coming months.
Once again thank you for your continued support and guidance.
Moula App Sub Ko Khush Rakhay.
Abuzar Zaidi
President MWA



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