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Dr Shahbaz, H.E. Margaret & Iftikhar Rana

Pakistan Australia Council hosted a Welcome Dinner in Melbourne for Her Excellency Margaret Adamson, Designated High Commissioner of Australia to Pakistan
(Transcript of the Speech of Mr. Iftikhar Rana, President Pakistan Australia Council)


Her Excellency Margaret Adamson,
Designated High Commissioner of Australia to Pakistan

Dr. Shahbaz Chaudhry Sahib,
President Pakistan Medicos Australia
PABC Victoria
Executive committee PAC

Dear Distinguish Guest and Community members,

Good Evening /AOA,

On behalf of the Pakistan Australia Council, Pakistan Australia Business Council, and the Australian Pakistani Community I would like to welcome you all, particularly our special guest Her Excellency Margaret Adamson and Mr. Adamson for accepting our invitation, despite their busy schedule. Thank you very much Madam!

The Pakistan Australian Council INC is a premier Association of our community in Australia. It was established over 5 years ago, with the aim of representing the Australian Pakistani community under one umbrella. It is a platform, a voice and a medium of communication for Pakistani Australians from all walks of life and it earnestly attempts to meet the community needs.

Being the flag bearer of Multiculturalism, we have upheld our cultural and religious values while integrating with the Australian multicultural society. Over the years the Pakistani community in Australia has grown and with over 60,000 Pakistani origin Australians in Australia, our contribution to the Australian economy and society is widely recognized by the authorities. Our contribution is well acknowledged particularly in the professional fields of medicine, law, education, finance and IT.

In the business sector Pakistanis are well established in importing and in the retail plus service sector. As well as that, our contribution is widely in providing security and public transport

Our Community is passionate not only about our adopted country but equally so with our country of origin. We always like to stay in touch with our roots. Thus, whenever we get the opportunity to meet an important delegations or dignities like yourself, we always endeavour to inter-act so that we can learn more about the Australian Missions.

Madam I would like to highlight the following point that you may improve or the present problems that are facing our community

• The permanent sponsor visa time is 18 months, while for other countries it only takes 90 days
• Police clearance takes too long, please improve or cut time to shorten the process of police check
• Visit visa’s take too long to get approve and again this needs to be improved
• We need a flexible policy in the education and scholarship visa
• expedition student visa application
• business visas to be improved

The Pakistan Australia Council and Pakistan Australia Business Council would love to play a vital role in assisting you to improve the services that you provide to the community, ensuring that together we provide the best and most efficient services. Whether it be assisting individuals with an application or helping them out with any other of the many services you provide. As well as that, if you point any service that the community needs urgently, they can contact the PAC and we will follow up the issue on their behalf.

Furthermore, when business delegations or any important individual apply for a visa there should be a consent form to sign, thus if the Australian mission has some sort of link with the Pakistan Australia Business Council, that will help establish closer links to the Business Community.

On our part, we assure you of our fullest support and cooperation as it is our own desire to be of service to the Australian Pakistani community in Australia in whatever way we can. I hope that the bonds we form today will be continued and appreciated in the future as well.

Once again thank you very much to you all for coming tonight particularly Dr. Shahbaz Sb who arranged tonight’s dinner. Thank you very much Dr. Shahbaz Sahib, we highly appreciate your efforts. I wish and pray to Allah for the safety and prosperity of both our Nations –
Allah Hafiz.

Dr. Shahbaz Chaudhry, Mrs Dr. Shahbaz Chaudhry, H.E.Margaret Adamson and Mr. Adamson

Dr. Shahbaz Chaudhry, Her Excellency High Commissioner Margaret Adamson and Iftikhar Rana

       Dr.Shahbaz Chaudhry, Her Excellency Margaret Adamson Iftikhar Rana and Mr. Sadaqat Siddiq


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