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World Known Urdu poetess of Australia “Noshi Gilani” published new book of poetry from Lahore

(Zafar Hussain - Sydney, 29 June 2011)

Legendary female Urdu poetess Noshi Gilani’s new book of poetry “Hawa Chupke se Kehti Hai” was published in Lahore last week by Mavra Publishers. Noshi Gilani is one of the most renowned and loved female Urdu poets of her generation with enviable readership. According to publishing sources in Lahore, the new book received such a warm response that its first edition was sold out within 2 hours of its arrival in Urdu Bazar. The book has created a great buzz and interest among Urdu literati and readers around the world as Noshi Gilani’s last book was published back in 2003.

This is an exciting news and proud moment for local community and Urdu circles too as Noshi Gilani lives locally in Sydney. Noshi moved to Sydney in March 2009 after her marriage to Saeed Khan on October 25, 2008 in Bahawalpur. As most readers would remember, Sada-e-Watan was the first news paper in world to break the news of their marriage.

Local readers would feel a special connection with “Hawa Chupkey se Kehti Hai” as many of the ghazals and nazms included in the book were written in Australia.

The book is expected to reach Australia in July and inauguration ceremonies are anticipated in Sydney and across Australia over the coming months.

Sada-e-Watan would like to congratulate Noshi Gilani on publishing of her new book “Hawa Chupke se Kehti Hai” and wishes her every success.


Noshi Gilani


Noshi Gilani (born in 1964 in Bahawalpur Pakistan) is a legendary female Urdu poet of international fame and a former academic from the Bahawalpur University, Punjab Pakistan.

She is one of the Urdu leading poets in Pakistan has successfully published five collections of poetry. Her poetry collection published in Pakistan Includes:

·         Mohabatain Jab Sumar Kurna (When you would count affections, 1993)

·         Udas Honay Kay Din Naheen (These are not the days of sadeness, 1997)

·         Pehla Lafz Mohabat Likha (The first word written was "Love", 2003)

·         Selected poems like Ay Meeray Shareek-E-Risal-E-Jaan,

·         Hum Tera Intezaar Kurtey Rahey (O my beloved, I kept waiting you, 2008).

In 2008, her poerty was translated in English and her poems were read in the UK, with the Poetry Translation Centre's World Poets' Tour.

She hosted a tribute to folk singer Pathanay Khan, sponsored by the Pakistan National Council of the Arts.

       Personal life

 Noshi Gilani settled in San Fasisco USA in 1995 but after her marriage to Saeed Khan she decided to move to Australia. She married Saeed Khan, an Australian-based Urdu poet on October 25, 2008 and they currectly reside in Sydney Australia. It was reported by her mother Mrs. Sarwar Gilani Sahiba, a professor of Urdu and Persian languages and literature, died in Bahawalpur, Pakistan.


The candour and frankness of her highly-charged poems is unusual for a woman writing in Urdu and she has gained a committed international audience, performing regularly at large poetry gatherings in Pakistan, Australia, Canada and the US. Unknown outside the Pakistani community, the translations here mark her introduction to an English-speaking audience.

She is a member of younger generation of female poets. Her experience of living in US shows a notable impact on her significant number of poems. Living through Diaspora has increased the complexity of her poems and reinforced her sense of female identity and introduced a new revolution against restraint creative writers in Pakistani society.



             ************Hawa Chupke se Kehti Hai  (2011).



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