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Consul General of Pakistan Sydney held meeting with Professionals about  Community Concern for the Services expectation

Consulate General meeting with Professionals
On Wednesday 4/11/2015 at 3:00PM

Venue: Pakistani Consultant Sydney


1.Consul General Abdul Aziz
(AZ, CG)
2.Vice Consul Bushra Salam (BS)
3. MRP Officer Sydney, Nabi Bukhsh
4. The Staff Members of the Consulate General (who joined the meeting one by one for some time)

The Community Representatives ,

1.Asim Saleem (AS)
2.Arman Sajjid
3.Ali Gujjar
4., Bashir Malik
5.Waseem Shah (WS)
6. Naveed Chaudry

Minutes of the meeting:

WS: opened up the floor for discussion acknowledging & thanking CG & all his staff members for their quick response to fix most of long standing issues as request by the community members. He also congratulated CG by addressing "four points" raised through public event in a very short time frame.

NC: stressed the importance of having close interaction with community & proposed the idea of open form to interact with community on regular basis. NC also requested that all business opportunity for Pakistani should be communicate to all.


1- CG is willing to attend any community forum anywhere to meet everyone organised by any one.
CG is planning to organise the next flag hoisting ceremony at public place and expects to have large group of community members participating in it.
CG also informed that he is remains available in his office every Wednesday for the community members to come and meet him, without an appointment.

BM: asked about the future plan for expansion of current office.
CG advised that since office started to process Machine Readable Passport in Sydney he has increased the seating capacity from 5 to 35. He has a future plan to extend existing office or moving to bigger place is also an option.

AS: Identified a few issues with current web site and offered assistance to improve and rectify them. Also offered technical support to improve the quality to current standard.
CG welcomed the suggestion and ask to audit the website and work with him to improve.

AG: touched in detail about the problems students facing and disappointment with the current services & how it is effecting international students.
CG informed that he and his team has been regularly interacting with the students. He showed his great interest to engage more with students and asked Ali to organise meet and greet sessions with students from different institutes. CG offered that the Consulate will bear the expenses incurred on tea / coffee of such events in educational institutions.
AS: offered any help or any assistance to office on behalf of community to add any value.
CG requested everyone to play a role by making community aware by sharing the services & initiatives by office on regular basis.

Overall meeting was in very healthy & positive environments. CG , Bushra Salam & all his staff shown great respect to all of the representative. They were very positive about all the suggestions & showed great interest to resolve any concern.

Waseem Shah

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