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Rehan Alavi

Rehan Alavi’s “EK GHAZAL - EK KAHANI”

Another unique but standard literary work is due to come on credit of Rehan Alavi. This time Rehan Alavi blended his Poetry and Prose together to set a new trend in Urdu literature. Collection of his selective Poems and Stories titled as “EK GHAZAL - EK KAHANI” is under publication from Pakistan and due to launch in various international events soon. Renowned writer & Poet Amjad Islam Amjad and famous Poet Dr Pirzada Qasim are among those who has admired the work of the author and written fabulous reviews on the book.

Rehan Alavi is renowned radio journalist, executive producer of SBS Radio Urdu Program and established writer and Poet. His first Urdu Novel “Tabeer Ki Talash May” and its English version “Beyond the Dreams” gained popularity among literary circles globally. His new collection “EK GHAZAL - EK KAHANI” is based on one story followed by a relevant poem and titled accordingly “EK GHAZAl EK KAHANI (Translation: “One Poem – One Story”). Book has twenty artistically crafted stories associated with twenty inspirational pieces of poetries.


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