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Famous Urdu Literary Personality & Scholar Tahir Naqvi is Visiting Australia

Well known Literary Figures & Leading Urdu Afsana Nigar of Pakistan Syed Tahir Naqvi is visiting Australia. Last week he came from Karachi and is currently staying in Perth with his Son Samin Ali who is studying at the University of Western Australia. Mr. Tahir Naqvi will also visit Sydney & Melbourne.

Tahir Naqvi

Tahir Naqvi was born in1942 in Dehradun, India. His parents belonged to Bijnor which is a rich province of India for arts & literature. His parents migrated to Pakistan in 1947and settled down in Karachi. His father was a popular poet before partition. Tahir Naqvi has also published his father’s book of poetry recently.
Tahir Naqvi completed his masters in Urdu literature & Islamic History from Karachi University in 1970 & 1972 .He started writing stories from his school age which used to publish in daily papers& children magazines. His first Afsana (short story) was published in a renowned literary magazine AFKAR Karachi in 1970.Thereafter,his Afsane published almost in all renowned& famous literary magazines of subcontinent, USA, London, Germany. His several Afsane have been translated in English, Sindhi, Baluchi, Gormokhi, Hindi, Tamil, Saraeki etc. In addition, his many Afsane have been included in the anthologies of literature published time to time from India & Pakistan. Moreover, Tahir Naqvi, now being senior Afsana Nigar, has written preface & flap of several short stories books. He is also invited to read papers in opening ceremonies of different books. Four collections of Tahir Naqvi 's short stories have been published so far,namely:
Band labon ki cheekh, Habs k baad pehly barish, Shaam ka parinda & Dair kabhi nahein hoti. Tahir Naqvi was given national level literary awards on his 2 books. He also published a literary magazine Rujhan which was appreciated by the literary circles of subcontinent. In addition, Tahir Naqvi is a play writer. His plays were broadcast from Radio Pakistan and several TV channels of Pakistan & London. He has contributed a daily column in a famous news paper of Karachi and a lot of articles on various subjects in Daily Jang & other leading papers.