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 Urdu Society organized a memorable evening with an eminent Urdu poet “Izhar ul Haq”
(Exclusive Coverage to Sada-e-Watan by Mr.Arshad Saeed)

The Urdu Society of Australia incorporated organized an evening with an eminent poet from Pakistan Izhar ul Haq on Saturday, 24 July 2010 at Hurstville Community Centre. Muhammad Izar ul Haq is considered as one of the famous modern Urdu poet in South Asian literary circle. He has received international recognition for his contribution to Urdu literature. He is a senior bureaucrat and also a well known journalist who writes for popular Urdu news papers in Pakistan. He has been awarded by Pakistan’s highest civil award “Pride of performance” for his contribution to Urdu literature. He has four books of Urdu poetry in his credit and two of them awarded highest poetry award in Pakistan.








The formal proceeding started with an invocations followed by a welcoming address by Arif Sadiq of Urdu Society of Australia. In his Istaqbalia he welcomed all poets, patrons, sponsors, and volunteers for this memorable evening and in amidst applause from the audience the guest poet Muhammad Izhar ul Haq was called on stage. The senior renowned poet Om Krishan Rahat was also called on stage along with the guest of the evening. Mr.Arif Sadiq called Public Officer of Urdu Society Mr. Arshad Saeed to express his view about Muhammad Izhar Haq’s personal life as he had known to him since his childhood. He said he is feeling a great proud that today Izhar ul Haq accepted Urdu Society invitation and came all the way from Melbourne to attend this memorable evening which is a great Honour for Urdu Society of Australia. Mr.Arif Sadiq did beautiful nazamat in first session and invited Muhammad Izhar Haq on speaker desk to recite his beautiful poetry. Muhammad Izhar ul Haq spoke on the occasion and commented on the Urdu Society’s efforts in organization an event of this stature and given his sincere thanks to society members for inviting him in Sydney. In the first session of this programme Muhammad Izhar ul Haq who is the master of weaving magic in his poetry shared the limelight with renowned local poets of Sydney and recited his excellent Nasri Nazam and ghazals in his unique style of delivery.
Second part of this evening was a “Mushaira” and Arif Sadiq of Urdu Society handed the podium to Dr.Kausar Jamal of Urdu Society to conduct Nazamat (Comparing) for the rest of the session. The Mushaira began with a slight delay, but the audience did not want it to end and kept asking the poets to continue. The poet in turn impressed with their unique style of poetry and the joy with which they recited their poetry was precise and classical form of Urdu Shairee that is the essence of subcontinent poetical tradition. Dr.Kausar Jamal Nazamat gave the Mushaira a classic flavour and all the audience were amazed by her excellent comparing for the evening. The Mushaira which began with the recital poetry by local poets took on various forms as it proceeded well into the late hours.
Yet the evening belongs to modern age poet Muhammad Izhar ul Haq who won many a heart with his beautiful poetry.
The evening with Izhar ul Haq was a successful event of Urdu Society of Australia and the Urdu connoisseurs from all suburbs of Sydney had come to attend this memorable evening with enthusiasm. The participating poets and audience were thoroughly impressed with the event. The Urdu Society of Australia had also provided free refreshment for all audience, including patrons, local poets, and sponsors. The overwhelmed with sophisticated audience, quality poetry, and good nazamat all are in sync and it is concluded that all these factors blended superbly making this evening a great success.
In the end, Dr.Shabbir Haider of Urdu Society of Australia thanked to all patrons, audience, sponsors, and volunteers for helping the Urdu Society to organise such a wonderful literary evening.
The following poets participated in Mushaira:
 Khawaja Salik,Farida Lakhany, Muhammad Ali,Rehan Alavi, Zafar Islam, Dr.Kausar Jamal, Arshad Saeed, Arif Sadiq, Dr.Shabbir Haider, Noshi Gillani, Saeed Khan,Om Krishan Rahat, Guest poets Jameel Gishkori Muhammad Izhar Ul Haq and others.

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