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Usman W. Chohan

Pakistani economist rated among Australia's Top Thinkers

Pakistani economist Usman W. Chohan has been included among Australia's Top Thinkers, according to the Australian academic organisation, The Conversation, which included Mr. Chohan in "50 Standout Articles from Australia's Top Thinkers", a new book to be published by Melbourne University Press in late 2016.

Mr. Chohan has written more than 25 different academic articles for The Conversation in both English and French. His work on intergenerational economics led to the piece "Young, Educated and Underemployed: are we building a nation of PhD-Baristas?" In this work, Mr. Chohan has demonstrated that in Australia, like in other developed countries, although the levels of university education continue to rise, the labour market is not offering young people enough opportunities to use their education meaningfully.

Mr. Chohan is a Pakistani economist who has previously worked at the National Bank of Canada and the World Bank, and his work has been used in important national debates in many countries, such as Canada, to try to restructure important national institutions. Mr. Chohan is completing a PhD at the University of New South Wales in Australia.


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