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A Message from Wasim Akram about the remittance to Pakistan through Citilink

CitiLink Finance build wealth safely and securely through the non-banking sector in partnership with our customers. Relationships are built on trust and reliability. Our customers overall experience in dealing with us reflect our core values of honesty, accuracy and timely provision of service.

Citilink Finances' reputation depends on what our customers think of our products and service and how well we respond to their needs. Our business will be as successful as we are in meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations.

Please call 02-92221802 ext 100 to our treasury department for more currency rates.

The Citilink Finance management team bring a collective wealth of experience in banking, finance, investment, commercial property, residential real estate & IT systems management spanning over 35 years.

Under the stewardship of the Chairman Mr Iftikhar Rana, previously a long serving Habib Bank senior executive, our dedicated team has a major focus on customer service and to bring more market financial service products. These are not only competitive but also structured to benefit the long-term wealth of our clients and customers.

Our priority is the safe and secure transfer and investment of funds, be it as a lender or financial service provider. Customer satisfaction comes as an equal priority and for that reason we encourage our customers to contact us personally, without hesitation, as and when required to resolve any concerns or questions.

A Message from Wasim Akram about the remittance to Pakistan through Citilink


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