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Ashraf Shad Publishes Three New Books:

"Ahmad Faraz Baqalam Khud" – "Akhbar-e-Ishq" and "Ashraf Shad-Funn Aur Shakhsiyet"

Prominent writer, journalist and poet Ashraf Shad published three new books during his recent stay in Pakistan that brings the tally of his published work to twelve books in Urdu.

"Ahmad Faraz Baqalam Khud" is published by the leading Islamabad publisher, Dost Publications, and is the study of the creative process of Ahmad Faraz’s poetry. The book contains unpublished work of Ahmad Faraz in his own handwriting that was obtained from Faraz’s own diary. The extracts of the book were also published by leading Pakistani newspaper, Daily Express. The critics found the book as unique and one of its kinds that shows the process of creativity as perceived by Ahmad Faraz.

"Akhbar-e-Ishq" is the collection of Ashraf’s recent poetry that he wrote during his stay in Brunei and Al Ain. It is quite relevant to name the book newspaper of love as the author is a poet-journalist who has three books of poetry and many newspapers and magazines to his credit. Ashraf’s last collection of poetry, "Aa Merey Qareeb Aa" was published in 2004 while his first book of poetry "Nisab" was published in 1996.

Riaz Rafi, the famous Pakistani artist painted a beautiful picture for the title of "Akhbar-e-Ishq" and made some nice sketches to illustrate the inside pages. The book is published by Pakistani Adab Publications of Karachi.

The third book, "Ashraf Shad-Fun aur Shakhsyet" is compiled by Ashraf’s long-time friend G. N. Qureshi. He collected most of articles written by leading literary personalities from Pakistan, India and Australia on Ashraf Shad and his work. The book also has Ashraf’s interviews published worldwide as well as forewords of all his books and few of his unpublished writings.

The book also includes a rare unpublished interview of Ahmed Faraz conducted by Ashraf in Islamabad at Faraz’s residence. The book is published by Pakistani Adab Publications, Karachi.

The other books of Ahsraf Shad include three novels, a collection of his short stories and a collection of interviews as a journalist.

Ashraf and his wife, Professor Kaneez Fatima (Yasmeen) Shad, are returning to Sydney in November, 2013 after spending 8 years in UAE and 3 years in Brunei.

Ashraf Shad can be reached via email:


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