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Mr.Azam Mohammad’s Message of Condolences for CG Abdul Aziz Uqaili and other Community Members

Dear Zafar Shah Sahib,

Sada e Watan Sydney continues to be a part of my daily routine despite having relinquished my duties in Australia as many of our community members have so kindly befriended me and I made many friends over the years in Australia and particularly Sydney.Sada e Watan gives me the opportunity to being connected with all the happy and sad news of our friends and community.

I wish to particularly express my deepest condolence and sadness on some of the tragic news I read after leaving Sydney.While the grief I shared before leaving Sydney about the parting of our most dear friend late Minhas Zulfiqar was still with me when I reached Pakistan, it was shocking to learn of the passing away of another friend Umar Ghani whose picture as a master of ceremony and his wits and charms remain in my mind and just does not leave.

The leaving of dear family members of friends and their anniversary is a reminder of our grief’s like of Dr.Rao Irshad, Mr. Mansoor Noor's Mother, Zia Qureshi's uncle and other grief’s of friends not much highlighted and particularly the passing of mother of our friend, the new Consul General, Mr. Abdul Aziz Uqaili. May Allah bless all the departed soul with Jannah and give fortitude and saber to all the family members.

Azam Mohammed
Ministry of Commerce


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