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Coverage By: Syed Zafar Hussain)

PAA  President Ejaz Khan

High Commissioner H.E. Syed Jalil Jilani

Pakistan Association of Australia Organized Pakistan Day Function in Hurstville Sydney. PAA celebrated Pakistan day function in fascinating fashion on 28 March 2009 at Hartsville Marana Hall. The High Commissioner of Pakistan His Excellency Syed Jalil Abbas Jilani was the chief guest. Approximately 400 people from Australian Pakistani community attended this function along with prominent Pakistanis Mr. Azam Mohammed Consul General Pakistan, Syed Khalid Mahmood Consul Pak Visa Section Sydney, Mr. Nadeem Jaffar General Manager Pakistan International Airlines Australia, Dr Amman Khan, Dr Javed Mahmood, Professor Hashim Durrani, Dr Rao Irshad Khan, Mohammad Asif Citilink Finance, Syed Zafar Hussain from Sada-e-Watan, Rana Mujahid , Rana Zahid, Ehsan Khan, Iftikhar Rana, Latif Chaudhary, Rehan Alavi of SBS Urdu Service.

The Secretary of PAA Irfan Bhatti was the MC. He invited Maulana Thanvi to recite Holy Quran and Riaz Shah for Naat Rasool Maqbool. Faraan and Maryam children of well known Pakistani Manzar Mirza sang National anthem of Australia & Pakistan. On the basis of the feed back of the community speeches were reduced for this purpose and local political Leaders & Parliamentarians were not invited.

Mr Ejaz Khan President Pakistan Association addressed the Australian Pakistani community. In his opening remarks Ejaz Khan acknowledged chief guests and other distinguished guests. He said PAA honored him by giving an opportunity to lead this respectful organization in 2005. It was a very tough time for the Pakistani community because of the repercussions of 9/11. Pakistanis were seen as the perpetrators or supporters of terrorism which caused unrest world wide. By affective representation and dialogue with mainstream community PAA achieved not only recognition but changed the views of the ordinary Australians that all Pakistanis are not terrorists. Under his leadership PAA attended numerous Australian community functions and national security conference in Canberra and expressed our community view point forcefully. Pakistan Association of Australia developed working relationships with the parliamentarians not only in the NSW but in the Federal parliament. By hosting dinners for Ombudsman for Australian Federal Police and Immigration he put forward community complaints and concerns which they faced at the airports during their travel and work.

Mr. Ejaz Khan said that today Pakistan community have friends in the local, state and federal governments who understand well Australian Pakistani community and in recognition PAA celebrated their Eid in the NSW Parliament. This was the first time ever in Australian History and PAA history that a Pakistani community had access to the Parliament to celebrate such a event. PAA has continuously celebrated 3 Eids in the Parliament and successfully provided leadership to the other Muslim community to join them in the Parliament he added.

Pakistan Association of Australia and its leadership was tested at the time of severe earthquake in Pakistan few years ago. Proof of the success was that the PAA leadership was recognized by the World Vision for their effort to collect $5 Million dollars for the victims of this earthquake. PAA president Ejaz Khan visited the affected areas and received briefing on the efforts made by the World Vision to revive the life of the victims. He also met Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Sardar Sikandar Hayat at that time and briefed him with Australian Pakistani support.

President of Pakistan Association said due to the affective representation visa section in Counsel General Sydney office was reopened and thanked H.E. Jalil Abbas Jilani and Consul General Mr. Azam Mohammed for their cooperation. Good working relationships were formed with the High Commissioner Office and as a result PAA hosted dinners for the dignitaries that visited from Pakistan and welcomed Ex Chief of Naval Staff, Delegation of Civil Services commission, and a delegation of CBR he said.

Mr. Ejaz Khan said respectable community members were insulted in a community newspaper AAWAZ from time to time for many years. Many of you were the victims of Javed Chaudhary's criminal behaviour. Due to his decisive action, Javed Chaudhary has been charged by the Police and his matter is before the court.

A Few months ago an insulting article was written by Javed Chaudhary against Him and Dr Akram Hassan published in AAWAZ, which caused considerable stress and damaged their reputation. Although these articles were baseless and a bundle of lies but challenged the leadership of the PAA to take action to stop these criminals for doing that. Dr Akram Hassan and Ejaz Khan commenced defamation proceedings in the District Court. Dr Hassan's case has been finalized and decree of $165,000 plus legal costs have been awarded against Javed Chaudhary a few weeks ago. We are in the process of executing this decree. His matter is due to finalize next month.

No respectable community member needs to be afraid of Javed Chaudhary anymore. They will not be able to insult sisters, daughters and family members any longer which they use to do in the past. If they ever do or blackmail any one please let me know and I will ensure that Police take action against them he said.

Ejaz Khan said : On this note I am voluntary retiring from my position and will not contest in forthcoming elections. The reason of my decision is that I wish to put in place democratic system in the association and encourage talented and capable people to join and lead the PAA form here onwards. I am not one of those who stick with the position for ever. I will cooperate with the new executive committee and provide them my support and experience when and where needed.

He said the election has called memberships to close on 31 March 2009 and nomination on 21 April 2009. Trustees of the PAA will do credentialing and fair election will be held on 10 May 2009 at Lakemba at the office of the PAA at 213 Lakemba Street Lakemba Sydney. I will hand over charge and paper work to the new executive team after the elections. He urges the community to obtain membership and file nominations for the positions to take the association to the next level.

After the speech of Ejaz Khan, His Excellency Jalil Abbas Jilani addressed the community and informed the community that democratic process in Pakistan has been working well Judges has been restored. Pakistan is moving forward to curb the terrorism. His Excellency Jalil Jilani said President Obama’s new policy has been welcomed and will impact positively to eradicate terrorism from Pakistan. He said that it is worth noting that Pakistani export has been increased. At the end he wished Ejaz Khan well and thanked for his contribution to the community and PAA.

PAA gave award to an Australian Pakistani girl who achieved 99% plus in her recent exams. This award was sponsored by Rabitah community Newspaper.

Second part of the programme is always exciting: In this part Raja Taseer was the MC who introduced Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan well known singer visiting from Pakistan. Ustad Shafqat will sing in a concert on 4 April 2009 in North Ryde Hall. On this occasion he sang sufi kalam and ghazals which was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants. Among other singers Shagufta Zia prominent singer from New Zealand sang wonderful Mili Nagma and Mehmooda Qamar well known Pakistan TV singer sang beautiful old Pakistani songs which reminded Noor Jehan and Nahid Akhter.

During the dinner break well known Pakistani Imran came on the stage and delivered funny jokes. Two prominent children Hamza Asif and Hamza Azam of prominent Pakistanis showed tricks on the playing cards which were enjoyed by the participants. Hall was decorated by Tahir of Taj Mahal with Pakistani flags and other unique pieces representing our culture and art. Dinner was prepared and served by Himalaya Pakistani Restaurant. It was delicious as usual and every one enjoyed their friendly service.
Programme ended at midnight. Once again this programme was one the best and the last under the leadership of Ejaz Khan. Sada-e-Watan Sydney congratulates and thanked Ejaz Khan for his services to the community. Ejaz has set very high standard of the Pakistan Association of Australia which will be hard to compete if not possible. We hope the new executive team will try to maintain this standard if not beat it.


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