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Daughter of Prominent Australian Pakistani Gulzar Rasul,11 years old Rabia meets World Known Author Hanifa Deen

Hanifa Deen is an award-winning third generation Australian writer of Pakistani ancestry. She writes narrative nonfiction and lives in Melbourne. She now works full-time as a writer.Recently  daughter of Gulzar Rasul and Naaz Rasul, 11yrs old Pakistani Girl Rabia Rasul who attends Crestwood Public School,Baulkham Hills Sydney have a opportunity to meet world known human rights activist award-winning author Hanifa Deen.She sends few photos with article for Sada-e-Watan Sydney.

A wonderful opportunity of a lifetime that is how I describe this moment with Hanifa Deen. Hanifa is a Australian feminist of Pakistani descent who believes in human rights and equal opportunity as well as is a strong advocate of multiculturalism. She was here originally to promote her book " On The trail of Taslima." She is also the author of Broken Bangles, The Jihad Seminar, Caravanserai and Ali Adbul v The King which I was lucky enough to be presented with as a gift by Hanifa. I Found her personality very intriguing and her childhood has similaries to mine. I felt we had a lot in common with our thoughts and agreed to her message. I have had great admiration for Hanifa Deen and this admiration has grown greater after meeting her. This journey has began when my teacher had given me as assignment to do on Inspiration Australian so I choose to do Hanifa Deen as I had already been in great admiration for her. My previous assignment was on Muhammad Ali Jinnah who too I am extremely fond of.

11 years old Girl Rabia Rasul with World Known Australian Author Hanifa Deen


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