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President PAA Iftikhar Rana extended Pak Community's heart warm condolence to the Hazara families

A suicide bomb blast in Quetta killed and injured many people on Thursday 10th January, 2013. The suicide bombers, extremist who with themselves took the lives of many innocent people. Thousands of people gather and sit beside the shrouded bodies.

The whole nation moaning to the loss of these innocent victims and the threat these extremist lay onto their nation. Many also gather around the bomb blast scene in Quetta to protest against this action, as Quetta or the whole Pakistan can now be seen as a killing field after many blasts have taken the lives of the innocent during the last couple of years. People protest not only to stop innocent people from dyeing but also to stop target killings from occurring across the nation.

On Behalf of the Pakistani Australian Community, Pakistan Association of Australia I would like to condemn whoever is killing innocent people /Security forces in Quetta, Sawat Karachi and all over Pakistan. Also I would like to extend my heart warm condolence to the Hazara families particularly those that are living in Australia, who have lost loved ones during the Quetta bomb blast and pray to Allah whoever lost their lives may Allah bless their souls.Amen.

Best Wishes

Iftikhar Rana,
President - Pakistan Association of Australia

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